For many years now, any Living Word Church service in Syracuse, NY would contain a generous sprinkling of doctors, physician assistants, nurses, and other health care experts. As these professionals got to know each other, they began to pray for ways to better connect their work and their commitment to Christ. They began to envision a special health facility where they could pool their expertise, energy, and love. They also prayed for many other Christian health professionals from many other churches to join them in giving quality health care in the name of Jesus Christ. Christian Health Service of Syracuse is the answer to their prayer, a place where Jesus Christ is the true healer of the individual and the community.

The secret to Christian Health’s ability to provide high quality, affordable health services is its volunteers. To get this mission started, almost the entire staff, from doctors to nurses to counselors to cleaning people, were volunteers. They knew their neighbors needed health care without having to fear the cost. Christian Health is an opportunity for these volunteers to serve Christ and their neighbors.

Jesus said,
"...I was sick and you looked after me..."
--Matthew 25:35-36

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